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The Clarity Process: A New Perspective
Manifesting versus Dropping Desire

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Resources for Realisation with Jeru Kabbal
The Original Live Recordings

The Clarity Process: A New PerspectiveFreeing Ourselves of the Hypnosis of the Inner Movie
The vast computer in our mind (the subconscious) is still running the same programs we put in it as infants. This is what we call the ‘movie’. By separating the movie from reality we eliminate most of our problems instantly. Jeru shares valuable insights for seeing the difference and tells how to eliminate irrelevant programs.

Talk 23:11     Q&A 31:14

Manifesting versus Dropping DesireWhy Aren’t You Getting What You Want?
We are already excellent manifestors. The reason we don’t get what we want is that subconsciously we are afraid to get it. We actually prevent ourselves from getting it. We only need to stop ‘anti-manifesting’. The expertise we already have and are already using can be applied to all aspects of our lives.

Talk 30:54     Q&A 25:35

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