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Projecting your Past onto the Present
There is no Past
The Clarity Process and the Body

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Projecting your Past onto the PresentHow to Stop Repeating the Same Mistakes
It is discouraging to see how much of our lives consist of projections from the past. But by bringing repressed memories to the conscious level we can retrain our computer/mind. This can bring us out of the dream of the past into the reality of the moment. Understand who we are today by remembering who you were as a child. Everything is different today but your mind probably doesn’t know it.

Talk 22:27     Q&A 9:04

There is no PastDemystifying a Wide Spread Myth
None of us has ever seen a past. And that is very simple because there is no such thing. We look at our memories, but a memory is not the past. If we can understand that there is only now, our fears that all come from our so called past, will dissolve. Separating the reality of the present and the memories we are carrying will help us to open up to the fulfilment and the love that this moment is giving us abundantly.

Talk 31:30

The Clarity Process and the BodyChanging the Body’s Image of Itself
The body and the mind reinforce each other.   As children we were influenced by the bodies around us and imitated them. ‘Family illness’ is a strong hypnosis. Working with the body becomes more effective by working with the attitudes that shaped the body. Visualisation is a powerful tool for speaking to the subconscious.

Talk 31:57     Q&A 27:50

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