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Why Limit your Potential?
Staying in Balance
The Body as a Strategy

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Why Limit your Potential? How to Stop Sabotaging Yourself
As children we learn to hold ourselves back in order to conform to the desires and conditioning of the family and of society. Often experiencing happiness becomes linked with expectations of punishment. We may wonder why happiness is so fleeting and often actually scary. Learning to work with the subconscious we can reverse those early decisions to hold ourselves back. It’s not too late to blossom.

Talk 20:03     Q&A 24:26

Staying in Balance How to Enjoy What You Already Have
Everything the mind worries and thinks about is related to survival. It is surprising to the mind to discover that we are actually meeting our survival needs very easily. Once the mind sees this, fear and tension melt away and what once was once an effort becomes a celebration of aliveness.

Talk 21:15     Q&A 21:48

The Body as a Strategy Change Your Mind, Change Your Shape
Our bodies are shaped by our minds, based on the raw material given to us at birth. The body becomes an expression of our personality and strategies. Much of the tension from birth is still in the body and influences it in major ways. It’s also most impossible for our bodies to change if the subconscious is still holding on to an idea of how we should look or feel.

Talk 18:30     Q&A 21:52

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