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Relationship: Tool for Clarity
Deciding to Wake Up

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Resources for Realisation with Jeru Kabbal
The Original Live Recordings

Relationship: Tool for ClarityTowards More Love and Openness
Our major patterns and deepest programs are rooted in relationship. Generally our relating patterns were formed in our immediate family. We tend to attract lovers that fit into the family roles and often repeat those patterns no matter how painful and destructive they might be. Honest relationships can give us the opportunity to change patterns and allow true love.

Talk 32:43     Q&A 28:15

Deciding to Wake UpAre You Ready for Life’s Ultimate Challenge?
Waking up or realizing one’s true nature is responding to the moment rather than acting automatically. If we are not truly aware then we are on ‘automatic pilot’. Becoming Self Realized is a full time job and the most difficult journey a human being can undertake. To know what’s really needed helps keeping priorities straight. Commitment works.

Talk 42:04     Q&A 21:33

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