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Liberation comes not by changing anything, but by seeing through the illusions of thought.

About me

Welcome to my website. My name is Taetske Kleijn. I was born in 1958 and studied music and theater in The Hague, Brussels and Amsterdam. In 1993, Jeru Kabbal came my way. I was immediately captivated by this simple and profound path to seeing reality. The simplicity and integrity of Jeru himself also made a deep impression. With the help of his Clarity Process, I came step by step closer to a pure perception of reality. I was his student for the last 7 years of his life and completed the Clarity Process teacher training with him. He handed over teaching the workshops and Quantum Light Breath meditations to me. To give space to that, I founded center Tsuki in 1998 and quit my job in the year 2000 to devote myself to it full time.

After 25 years of running center Tsuki, it is time to slow down. This summer I am taking a year’s sabbatical and will be available again for workshops and courses after the summer of 2024.

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Clarity Process and Quantum Light Breath

I work with Jeru Kabbal’s Clarity Process, a beautiful and effective path to clarity and understanding in the mids of everyday life. It is not a philosophical or intellectual approach, but practical and concrete. It invites you to be firmly grounded in daily life and step by step to clarify your view of yourself and the world. Part of this process is a powerful breathing meditation, the Quantum Light Breath.

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Stay tuned!

Welcome to my new website. The web shop is finished. The rest is being worked on. I am currently on a sabbatical until the summer of 2024. On my old now archived website you will find a lot of background information.

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I have stepped into a new world, feeling like a dog allowed to go outside, FREE. Here at home, they all enjoy it, we dance in the kitchen and are one again. I now understand what is meant by living in the now. You can read it a hundred times but when you are still with that huge backpack, you don’t get a chance to look at the sky. I feel so much love and that energy! You would want to gift this to everyone, because this is the only luxury you need.


Prior to Clarity Process Week, I must admit that I was quite skeptical. Coming from a family where sobriety and science are paramount, I had yet to see it all. And I have! What a great gift this week was to myself!!! The easy and very practical exercises are great to fit into my daily life and give me so much RELAXATION and RUST in the first place. And that I can do that all by myself. Fantastic simply.


Clarity with Taetske

Start: October 6, 2024 (Bettenburg, Germany)

Into the Silence (Full, waiting list)

Taetske will give a 10-day Vipassana-Clarity Retreat for experienced Clarity Process practitioners at Schloss Bettenburg. For interest and information, download the information letter and registration form, or contact Martin Luckinger

Anfang: Januar 2025

Clarity Process Teacher Training

Taetske wird im Januar 2025 als Ergänzung zum Inner Core eine zweijährige Teacher Training in deutscher Sprache beginnen. Für weitere Informationen, Interesse und Anmeldung, wenden Sie sich bitte an Claudia Napetschnig

Start: October 11, 2025 (Le Capannacce, Italy)

Inner Core Master – Mantra & Four Lives

A two week Inner Core Master retreat in Tuscany with Taetske. You’ve finished the Inner Core, did several (starters) workshops with Taetske, and would like to deepen your awareness and clarity. For interest and information, contact Martin Luckinger